Hollow metal doors and frames aren’t what they used to be. Today, they’re so much more. Once, metal doors and frames were only used in military facilities and institutions. Today, they’re found most anywhere people enter and exit an upscale residence, a Fortune 500 company, a school, church or government building. Innovation means hollow metal doors can be stained, paneled, painted, and wood-grained with a variety of cores that give you protection, style and durability.

Ask about our Mesker, Steelcraft, Gensteel, Republic, and Currie hollow metal doors. Also stainless steel hollow metal doors and frames. We can get any of their models with any option, customizing your metal door in ways you may never have thought possible. Need fire-rated, bullet-resistant, seamless, continuously welded, storm or replacement doors? We’ll lay out all of your options and then have them delivered right to you site. And because metal doors are recyclable, your projects may qualify for up to 4 LEED points.

We’ll tell you more at Griffin Building Products.